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Information on Allergies

Every allergy is a reaction by the body, namely its immunesystem. When a person contacts any irritants or allergens the allergic reactionoccurs. Allergens may trigger an allergic reactions by being injected, inhaledor by direct contact with the skin. The most common types of allergens includeweather, various types of food, soaps, cosmetics, smoke, pollen and dust. Themost common symptoms which characterize the allergic reactions includeirritation to eyes, cough, inflammation of the skin, reddening of the skin andskin rash. Most allergies are treated by numerous different sorts of ointmentsand medications. They can also be treated or simply relieved by using certainhome remedies.

Home Remedies for Allergy Relief

The symptoms of allergic reactions can be easily relieved byusing certain products which are easily available at most homes. One of thebest home remedies for allergic reactions is green tea. This is mainly due tothe fact that green tea is an excellent source of antihistamines which are veryefficient in getting rid of most allergic reactions. Having two cups of greentea on a regular daily basis should be sufficient. Various nasal sprays such assaline nasal spray may also be of great help when it comes to relieving thesymptoms of allergic reactions. They are also sometimes used for the preventionof allergic reactions in future. Apple cider vinegar is another great optionfor all those who suffer from various different types of allergic reactions,especially when it comes to treating the itchiness which is often associatedwith various allergies. It can be consumed along with meals or it can bediluted in water for the topical application on the affected areas of the skin.Apple cider vinegar is also very efficient in killing of all the harmful germsand bacteria. Eye drops can be very helpful in relieving the symptoms of allallergic reactions which affect the eyes. Honey is very efficient in keepingthe infections at bay and increasing the resistance power of the entire body.Peppermint tea is an excellent remedy because it has very potent decongestantproperties which are very helpful for all those who suffer from cough, sinus problems,viral infections and allergies. Ginger is another home remedy with excellentdecongestant and antihistamine properties. Garlic is one of the most potenthome remedies when it comes to alleviating and treating the symptoms of mostdifferent types of allergic reactions. Properrest, proper hydration, plenty of vitamin C and a well balanced diet are alsoimportant for all those who suffer from allergies.

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