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Dermatitis is one of the most common medical conditions and therefore it can be managed rather easily using certain simple home remedies and utilizing some lifestyle changes as well. It is a well known fact that dermatitis is not contagious and it is no way life threatening. The biggest problem with dermatitis is that it may make a person feel rather uncomfortable.

Lifestyle and home remedies

For those who do not know, dermatitis is a term used for all different kinds of inflammatory conditions which affect the skin.There are various different types of dermatitis but the most common ones include atopic dermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis. In most cases of dermatitis, the most common symptoms include itchiness, redness and swelling at the affected areas. One may apply Calamine lotion, anti-itch creams and Hydrocortisone creams on the affected areas of the skin. Oral antihistamines may also be helpful to a certain extent when it comes to relieving the itching. Cold compresses may also be very helpful. Bandages and dressings needs to cover the affected areas of the skin in order to protect them from scratching. Taking cool baths in water sprinkled with oatmeal or baking soda may also be very helpful for all those who suffer from dermatitis. It is of utmost importance not to scratch the affected areas. Wearing gloves at night may be helpful when it comes to preventing scratching during sleep. It is strongly recommended to wear smooth textured clothing made from cotton and to use mild laundry detergents for washing the clothes, bedding and towels.

Alternative medicine

There are numerous different types of natural treatment methods which can be rather helpful when it comes to alleviating the symptoms of dermatitis. Steroid medications may still be the most potent remedies available, but they may sometimes be associated with side effects which is not the case with natural remedies. Calendula creams are very efficient in treating dermatitis, but they may also trigger certain allergic reactions. Chamomile creams are another potent natural type of remedy for all those who suffer from dermatitis. Omega 3 fatty acids from flax seed and fish oil can be of great help as well. Perhaps the best natural remedy for the treatment of dermatitis is evening primorose oil. It is a linoleic type of acid.


In order to prevent dermatitis from occurring in the first place, one needs to stay away from all irritants and harsh substances which may be held responsible for the onset of this medical condition. Bathing less frequently, using mild soaps and moisturizing the skin is highly recommended.

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