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The medical term for the hives is urticaria and itrefers to a condition marked by the body’s hypersensitive reaction to someallergen or irritant where the capillaries and the very small veins beneath theskin start to leak. This leakage is caused by the histamines, which are producedby the body in allergic reaction.

The histamines that make the blood vessels widertend to cause swelling and redness of the skin, which are the symptoms of thehives. Furthermore, hives are also manifested through the slightly raised paleor red skin wheals or welts. In some cases, hives may resemble the mosquitobites and they are also itching. Hives in children is a quite common condition, whichtypically occurs on the arms and legs, as well as on the back and torso.

Causes of hives in children

There are several types of foods that are likely tocause allergies in children (nuts, peanuts and eggs). Furthermore, wheat,berries and citrus may also cause allergic reactions and consequently the hives.It is also considered that certain medications, such as antibiotics, are alsoresponsible for the occurrence of hives in children, but in adults as well. Insect bites, bee stings and various irritants likepollens, dust, mites and molds are also some of the causes that may induce theappearance of hives in children. Furthermore, hives in children may also appear dueto certain skin creams, new cloths, bed sheets and various detergents.

Among the major causes of hives in the kids are alsoviral infections, giardia and infection of pinworms. Aside from the viruses,there are some types of bacteria that may cause the outbreak of this skin rash as well.In the majority of cases, the bacteria Staphylococci are responsible for theincidence of the hives in the children. Other common culprits for this skin disorder includewearing tight cloths, particularly inner wear, exposure to the sun for a longtime, or exposure to the extremely cold weather.

Treatment of hives in children

Hives in children tend to last for a period of timeand then they withdraw alone. For those children who want to cure the conditionrapidly or to reduce the symptoms, there are medications that a doctor canprescribe. Antihistamines such as Benadryl, for example, are very effective whenhives are in question. Furthermore, there are also certain home remediesthat can provide relief from the hives; for instance, vitamin E oil, as wellas aloe vera, should be applied on the hives.

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