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Information on Dermatitis

Dermatitis is actually an umbrella term which is used forall different sorts of inflammatory conditions of the skin. There are variousdifferent types of dermatitis but the most common ones include atopicdermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis. Various types of dermatitis are characterizedby different symptoms, but most of them include itchiness, redness and swellingof the skin at the affected areas. In most cases, dermatitis cannot becharacterized as a threatening condition and it is important to stress out thatit is not contagious. The biggest problem with dermatitis is that it may make aperson feel rather uncomfortable. Perioral dermatitis is characterized by abumpy rash around the mouth. Atopic dermatitis is also called eczema and it isactually a chronic, itchy type of rash. Stasis dermatitis involves the buildupof fluids under the affected areas of the skin. Seborrheic dermatitis usuallyoccurs on the scalp and the face and is often associated with the developmentof dandruff. Neurodermatitis is localized to certain areas of the skin and itinvolves chronic itchiness. The most common symptoms of all the aforementioneddifferent types of dermatitis include skin lesions, itching, swelling andredness. If a person has tried self care without success, if the skin isinfected, if the skin becomes painful or if a person is so uncomfortable thathe or she cannot sleep or perform normal daily tasks than he or she needs tosee a doctor.


Cellulitis is one of the most common complications ofdermatitis. It is characterized by red streaks on the affected areas of theskin and it is actually a bacterial infection of the tissues located under theskin. It is characterized also by warmness, tenderness, redness and swelling.Another common complication of dermatitis is the medical condition known asimpetigo. It is actually a mild infection with open fissures and sores. Othercommon complications which may be affected with certain types of dermatitisinclude changes in skin color and scarring.

Lifestyle and home remedies

There are certain simple home remedies and slight lifestylechanges which can be of great help for all those who suffer from differenttypes of dermatitis. Anti itch creams and Calamine lotions are known for beingvery helpful, and the same can be said for Hydrocortisone creams. These, alongwith oral antihistamines are very efficient in reducing the severe instances ofitchiness. Cold compresses and cold baths can also be helpful.

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