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Baby proofing your home and especially toddler proofing your home involves a lot more than making sure they can't mess with the electricity outlets, and removing toxic cleaning materials from the cupboard under the sink. We're sure you have already thought of the hazard that plastic bags can be too. Here are some hidden dangers you may not have thought about.

Blind cords

Do you have blinds on your windows? If you do, are there any blind cords hanging down? These loops can be extremely dangerous for small kids, who can get them around their necks and choke. Children can, and have, died in this way but few parents would think about it. I remember immediately removing this hazard after reading a news article about a little girl who got caught in a blind cord and passed away. Indeed, my blind cords were dangerously accessible to my small kids at the time. Don't make the same mistake.


Nobody wants their young toddler to play with the toilet, but it's not just gross it's dangerous too. It's entirely possible to drown in a small amount of water. While you're at it, make sure your kid doesn't wander around a wet, just cleaned, bathroom or kitchen floor. Slipping on tiled floors is hardly going to be fatal, but it can cause serious injury.

Poisonous house plants

Sure, a bit of nature indoors is good for a child! But keep in mind that very young kids may think your indoor botanical garden looks tasty, and many house plants are poisonous. Move your plants out of your toddler's way, or check and double check that the plant is not poisonous.

Open windows

Everyone wants fresh air to come into their homes in the warmer months, but open windows can invite toddlers to climb out. Don't think your child is safe because he can't reach the window. He may just pull a chair over, and climb out.

Baby-proofing devices

There is no shortage of baby-proofing aids on the market now, and they definitely have a role to play. But don't let them lull you into a false sense of security. There is no substitute for a watchful eye, obviously.

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