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People living in warm and humid climates are eager to learn new ways to fight mosquito bites. These annoying and often dangerous insects are a great nuisance for many people worldwide, especially during the summer, but fortunately there are several effective ways that can successfully reduce the chance of getting bitten by these tiny but ferocious insects.

About mosquito bites

Mosquitoes have been around bothering people for a long time. Some scientists estimate they have been here for more than 400 million years. The ones that attack humans are female mosquitoes, which require blood in order to survive and multiply, while male mosquitoes bite humans rarely or never, and they generally feed on flower nectar.

These insects prefer hot, humid weather and they are particularly present in tropic areas. They can also be found in other climates, during the summer, especially if there is a body of water around, like a river, a lake or a pond. They particularly love warm, stagnant water so the females can lay their eggs in it.

When a mosquito bites, it injects a substance that prevents coagulation of the blood, which causes an allergic reaction, with symptoms like localized redness, swelling and itching.

Mosquitoes can be quite dangerous because, flying from one person to another and biting, they can transmit certain dangerous diseases, especially malaria and dengue fever.

How to control mosquito bites

People who live near the woods, bushes or marshes, or who have a small pond near the house, are particularly at risk of mosquito bites. Breeding mosquito fish, killifish, goldfish and guppies can help, because these fish eat mosquito larvae and prevent their breeding.

The house should be protected with mosquito nets placed on all windows and doors. The holes on these nets should be small enough to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house, but also large enough to let the air in.

Mosquito sprays are widely available on the market and they contain a poison that instantly kills the mosquitoes, but they need to be sprayed directly to them. the problem with these sprays is that they can be dangerous if inhaled and should be kept away from children.

Mosquito repellents can be used both inside the house and when spending time outdoors. They come in the form of sprays, lotions or creams. They do not kill the mosquitoes but they prevent them from coming near the skin and biting.

Racket zappers are efficient for killing the mosquitoes that fly around the house and they need to be waved around the head and engaged, by pressing the button, whenever a mosquito comes around.

Electronic mosquito killers require much less work. They are connected to the electric current and they attract the insects with their UV bulbs. When a mosquito lands on it, the device kills it using the current.

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