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We are experiencing the hottest day of the year so far where we live, and while we spent most of the year looking forward to the summer heat... I have to admit that this is a bit much, and that the whole family wants to seek refuge! Are you having the same problem, and are you wondering how to get through these hot summer days with small children, and babies especially? We have tips!

Indoor activities during the day

My kids go crazy if we stay at home all day in the summer, even with airconditioning! They just get cabin fever. Yet, the sun is far too hot to go out and even spend the day on the beach, without being uncomfortable and possibly getting sunburnt. Our solution has been to participate in indoor activities like kids' theater shows, the cinema, or indoor pools. We also have play dates at friends' houses.


Small babies might not want to go out and play, but they still get too hot! A cold bath during the day, frequent changes of clothes when they are sweaty, and airconditioning may a lot of difference. If you do go out (as you probably will, since most of us just have places to be!), make sure not to forget the sun screen and newborn hat. If your baby is dealing with heat rash, you may like to read about our remedies for heat rash in babies.

Go outdoors when the sun is more gentle

Before 11 o'clock, and after 4 or 5, the sun is not as hot and everyone is less likely to burn. If you are going to a playground, the beach, of anywhere else outdoors, plan this outside of the sun's hottest hours if at all possible. if you are going by car, make sure your car is not a sauna by either having airco, or opening the windows while you drive. Don't park in the sun if you can avoid it. Woods may be a nice place to go if you want to go out in the middle of the day without the hot sun. Also look at our beach tips for parents with babies and small children.

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