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America is the most common place where men can get the herb called goldenseal. This herb is a very successful in gaining a very healthy and strong immune system and it is very popular because of its antibiotic abilities. Remedies were used in the distant past, and this herb was used even by the native Indians. They used this herb for problems provoked by infection or allergy. The problems which can be created by this include inflammatory problems of digestive, respiratory and genitourinary tract. They have also used this herb for the increase of appetite, and in helping with dyspepsia and debility. Some of the Indians, namely the Iroquois, used it in treatment of certain problems such as pneumonia, liver problems, cough, fever, diarrhea, flatulence and sour stomach. They even used this herb in combination with whiskey for the treatment of heart problems.

When the year 1798 came, this herb came into medical use. It became more and more popular, and it was widely used in England and America after 1850. The most common problems which were treated with this herb in these times include inflammation of skin, digestive problems, mucous membrane inflammation, colitis, gastritis, ulcers, dyspepsia and problems with conjunctivitis. Problems which can be eliminated with the use of this herb are urinary tract inflammation and anorexia nervosa. We can add astringent ability to the effects of the goldenseal on human body. It can help with congestion and fever. Other positive effects of this herb can be experienced in spleen, glandular and liver functions, when there is an increase in digestive enzymes and bile flow.

Vitamins and minerals

Elements which are found in goldenseal are vitamin A, C, E, and B complex, iron, minerals, manganese, many nutrients and calcium. The root we have mentioned has isoquinoline alkaloids, ressin, candine, l-hydrastine, fatty oils, candaline and berberine. The successful treatment of fungi, bacteria and protozoa is associated with the alkaloid berberine. This element has a very good effect on the diarrhea and fungus, as well as on hay fever, cystitis, laryngitis, rhinitis, liver disease caused by alcohol and hepatitis. It is also quite effective with hemorrhoids, internal bleeding, and menstrual troubles. Eczema and ringworm can be treated with this herb, but it has to be used as a wash. If you are having problems with ear pain or soaring wounds, goldenseal can help. Other problems that goldenseal can decrease or eliminate include sore throat, thrush, boils and gum infection. For the end, we will state a few things you have to avoid doing: never use this herb if you have glaucoma, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and during pregnancy. It can also lead to imbalance of the vitamin B metabolism.

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