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Although there are many people have sinus infections and goes to doctors for help, or use some of the home remedies, very few of them taught of herbs, as a very useful remedies for sinus infections. Because sinus infections are caused by bacteria, doctors prescribe antibiotics for it as a common practice.

Usually types of antibiotic drugs prescribed by doctors for sinus infections depend of type of infection, and bacteria that caused it. Synthetic anti viral medications are relatively new in the market, and because of that possible side effect and dipper negative effects are still unknown.

On the other hand, there are lots of herbs that has very strong anti viral and anti bacterial properties. They are in use for a long time, and all of their possible side effects, if any, are well known, and they cam just as successfully provide your with relief from your sinus infections as prescribed medications do.

Advantage of using anti viral and anti bacterial herbs over prescribed medications, are many; besides avoiding side effects medications have herb address deeper body imbalances in treatment, not just superficial symptoms that medications do.

As studies of herbal effects of sinus infections are gathered there are more and more information about benefits of herbs and connections between deficiencies and imbalances, and which of the herbs supply missing nutrients.

Anti bacterial and anti biotic herbs for sinus infections

Goldenseal, Eucalyptus and Echinacea herbs are both powerful and very effective for use in cases of sinus infections and accompanied symptoms. Goldenseal has very strong anti bacterial properties. You should take it internally or as a solution to clean the external wounds. But because Goldenseal is quite astringent, dosage should be monitored carefully.

Eucalyptus is also one of excellent herbs for sinus infections, with powerful antibacterial properties, and also works as very effective antiseptic and expectorant, as several recent studies shows. Eucalyptus is not recommended for children usage adults can freely use Eucalyptus leaves as mouth rinses or in teas, to relieve the symptoms of sinus infections.

Echinacea is third powerful herb for sinus infections. It can be taken up to two or three times per week, and it has proven more effective if you use it for longer periods of time, and than pause for as much, in between. There are numerous over the counter preparations with Echinacea that you can find. Because it has no side effects you can double the dosage used in cases of sudden, acute, chronic and severe attacks of sinus infections.

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