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Sinus spaces are located above the eyebrows, in the cheekbones, under and on the sides of the nose, and deep in the skull bones. Scientists presume that sinuses have some role in senses of the smell and taste, or in talking, but the exact sinus purpose is still not known.

Sinusitis or sinus infection is a common disease, widely spread among population. When the sinuses get infected, they can’t drain properly, and blocked drainage is causing the swelling and pain. Any pain along the sinuses indicates likely sinus infection.

Possible causes of sinus infections:

Respiratory infectionsAllergic reactionOver use of nose dropsDeviated septum in the nose cavityPolyps in the noseNose tumorsInflamed tonsils or adenoidsSmoking

Sinusitis may be an acute or chronic condition. Usual cause of the acute sinusitis is a respiratory infection. On every 200 cases of respiratory infections, 1 patient is affected with sinusitis, too.

Herbal Treatment

Conventional medicine recommends usage of antibiotics to cure the sinus infection, especially if it was caused by bacteria. In these cases, antibiotics are a necessity. However, it might not be the best solution for all sinus infections, especially if they were caused by some other agents. Antibiotics have another fault - they don’t always prevent sinusitis relapses.

Herbal preparations and mineral supplements could be used along the conventional sinusitis treatment. They heal sinus infections and usually prevent any future case of this condition. Additionally, these preparations don’t have the side effects of the common medications.

Strengthening the immune system usually leads to prevention of infections and successful treatment of sinusitis. Reishi and maitake mushrooms, cat's claw, Echinacea or astragalus are excellent immune boosters if used regularly. Just one of these herbs, taken every day, might clear all the signs of the acute sinus infections. You should take the herb for as long as it takes to be completely sinusitis-free. Chronic cases of sinus infections demand use of couple of these immune herbs. Every herb should be used for two weeks and then you should take another, again for two weeks. This rotation will cure the illness and prevent relapses.

Vitamin C, used with flavonoids could also enhance your immune system, especially if sinusitis is associated with allergies.

Ephedra (or Ma huang in Chinese) is a natural way to relieve nasal decongestion and swelling down the sinuses. It is recommended in treatments of persistent, strong or acute cases of sinus infections, because of the potential side effects. Patients using ephedra might experience insomnia, anxiety or heart palpitations.

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