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Herbs – key kidney aider

When it comes to herbs and their widespread application, it comes as no surprise that they are vital in remedying various kidney related conditions and diseases such as kidney stones and infections. What may come as a surprise is that up till the present, there has been so little attainable data regarding the treatment techniques of failure of the kidneys, for example. Also what this article strives to is providing as much information on herbs and herbal treatment methods of conditions such as acute and chronic failure of the kidneys, renal failure (e.g. hypercholesterolemia), but also methods to keep your kidneys functioning in a proper manner.

Treatment techniques

Renal failure – Thanks to research results, acquired after the successful conduction of a research in China, it has been found out that 10.9-13.2% of persons who suffer from chronic renal failure, i.e. chronic kidney failure, can count on complete recuperation and establishment of proper functioning of their kidneys again, after herbal treatment. Renal induced hypertension - Unfortunately, this is one of the health issues that has shown to be rather resilient to both, drugs and herbs. But perhaps more than any drug or medication, diuretics herbal in nature – Taraxacum for example, have proven to be quite effective. Another herb that has proven its effectiveness in treating kidney inflammation is zea mays. This herb is also known to have diuretic properties. Hypercholesterolemia – this condition is another way in which your body is trying to tell you that chronic renal failure is on the way, and not only that, but it is believed that this is also another culprit which causes further unwanted damage to our kidneys. Herbal treatment methods of this condition include therapies with such remedies as Allium sativa, Ginseng (panax), Rheum and Taraxacum officinalis, Polygonum multiflorum and Curcuma longa. Two of the above mentioned herbs – Rheum and Panax, are especially effective in providing additional aid and back up for establishing proper functioning of your kidneys. Hyperglycemia (in people suffering from diabetes) – in order to successfully treat this condition in those who suffer from diabetes, such remedies that are otherwise effectively used in treating diabetes, as Polygonum multiflorum, Allium sativa, Rheum officinalis, and Panax ginseng are helpful. The latter two have another health benefit, and that is in decreasing the uremic index. Most experts consider the most effective herb for treating this condition with most success to be Gymnema Sylvestre.

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