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Scientific facts

Hormonal imbalance isfrequently followed by such manifestations as excessive fatigue, nausea andfrequent and unexpected mood alterations. Despite the fact that all ofthese manifestations are unpleasant and awkward regardlessof the age the person in question is, one positive thing is that there existnumerous treatment techniques and methods that have the ability not only to alleviatethe condition itself in a fairly quick manner, but also to cure it all together. Despitethe once common practice of prescribing the hormone replacement therapy as thebest possible means to cure this condition, such side effects asvarious heart related diseases, occurrence of blood clots, cancer of the ovumand other similar and serious in nature ailments made the greatest majority ofprofessional health care providers think twice before prescribing this therapyto their patient. One thing upon which most doctors agree to be least harmfuland extremely effective is to bring in certain changes in the lifestyle andemploy additional treatment techniques, alternative in nature.

Most common treatmentapproaches

When it comes totreating this particular inner disorder, the following approaches are to betaken in consideration first, i.e. changes in one’s lifestyle, alternativemedicine and lastly HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). The main recommendationis to begin with the one that is the least threatening and risky.

Changes in lifestyle

When it comes to theleast health-threatening approach, these minor changes have proven to be highlybeneficial. The only catch is that this requires a lot of character and self-discipline. More specifically, methods and practices such as meditation, yoga incombination with ordinary physical exercising, along with the new and improved diet have the potential to do a lot in terms of health for the woman inquestion. The special emphasis is on the proper diet. The most fundamental changesshould involve:

Keeping your hands of caffeine andalcoholAt least 7-8h of nighttime sleepIncreased intake of vitamins B, C, Dand EDoing breathing exercises regularlySticking to a well balanced dietRegular physical activityConstant hydration

Give in to alternativemedicine

As we already know,the methods and techniques based on alternative medicine are the ones that arealso considered the least harmful in nature, and most importantly, extremely effective and health beneficial. When it comes to alternative ways,then herbs provide the most prolific results. But in order to add up to theiroverall effect, women can also combine them with methods as acupuncture,massage, aroma therapies, biofeedback, and alike, and they can be sure that each ofthe previously mentioned will produce good and satisfying results. Coming backto herbal medicines, there exist two particular varieties that areespecially effective in remedying this disorder – phytoestrogenic herbs (suchas the Black Cohosh), which are rich in plant produced estrogenic components, andnon-estrogenic herbs, which have in them no estrogen but have the immensepotential to initiate and boost woman’s production of hormones by nurturingendocrine and pituitary glands. The most prominent herb from this specificcategory is considered to be Macafem.

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