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The pink eye, or as medically called conjunctivitis, is the condition which affects the outer membrane of the eye and the inner mucous membrane of its eyelid. It is, in fact, the infection, and it is manifested as the swelling of the affected eyelid and the redness of the white of an eye. Being very common and widespread problem means that it can be provoked by certain viruses, bacteria, fungus or by some other particles from the environmental air.The provokers of the conjunctivitis

It is not generally a very serious condition and can be treated at the home with the homemade remedies, unless it is triggered by the. In that case, adenovirusand in the cases of the advanced stages of this problem, the medical advice is necessary to be sought. Also, conjunctivitis can be one of the consequences of the various conditions, such as gonorrhea; and it can be, in the case of the viral infection, passed on from the sexual partner (of course, if the protection is not used during the sexual intercourse).

Besides the swelling of the eyelid, which sometimes may be so big, that it can cover the entire eye, and the redness, the prominent symptom is the secretion of the white and yellowish sticky mucus, too. Fortunately, there are no more annoying symptoms.Home treatment

First of all, the proper hygiene must be practiced, so that conjunctivitis could be cured, and to stop this infection from even appearing. The hands should be washed and eyes irrigated more frequently, and it is good to provide a personal set of the hygienic supplies and utensils. Also, the wet antibacterial towels are recommended to be brought wherever one goes, so that he or she doesn’t come into the situation of using anyone else’s towel.

Besides the necessary cleansing, one should protect him or herself from the inside, as well, and that is by boosting the immune system. In order to achieve this goal, he or she must increase the intake of the vitamins, especially the A and C vitamins, but, in the same time, he or she must be careful about not passing the recommended dosage. The first one mentioned vitamin turns into the chemical called beta-carotene in our organisms, thus providing the defence from the infections and the attack on the infectious cells. Apart from the orange, spinach, parsley and carrots, there is a lot of this chemical in the yolks of eggs and in the fat derived from animals.

Nevertheless, there are some beneficial oils for treating conjunctivitis, both; by the aromatherapy with the aromatic and essential oils, and by the topical use of the herbal oils.

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