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The LiverThe liver is a vital organ in our body. It has several functions such as: to break down fats, to convert glucose to glycogen, to produce urea and certain amino acids, to store vitamins and minerals and to filter harmful substances from the blood.In order to support the liver in its essential functions, improve digestion and overall health, you should choose natural herbs and cleansing diets. This will at the same time benefit your colon. Also, liver detoxification can help to improve beauty of the skin. Number of skin problems is associated with poor elimination of the wastes. Liver cleansing diet is great for fatigue and irritability as well.

Cleansing the LiverToxins build up in the liver over the years and because of that detoxification of the liver takes time. In order to cleanse your liver, you must firstly change your diet and secondly you must add herbs that can promote healthy liver functioning.

Many herbal remedies aim at increasing the flow of bile which is used in digestion of fats and it is also an excretory product. Apart from that, bile is a natural laxative.

A liver detox diet works similarly as a body detox diet. That means that you can start a liquid diet for short period of time that includes fruit and vegetable juices. This is not suitable for individuals with low weight or some medical conditions. In order to conduct cleansing of the liver, you must avoid or limit simple sugars and starches since they are harmful to the organ.

DietLiver detox diet should consist of plenty of fresh fruit since they are rich source of antioxidants. Fresh vegetables are equally necessary because of presence of the enzymes beneficial to the liver. Also, fresh fruits and vegetables are full of quality fibers needed for healthy liver. You must drink plenty of water because this will aid in removal of harmful substances from your system. It is beneficial to both kidneys and the liver.

The colon receives all the filtered wastes from your liver, which are then eliminated when you’re passing stool. But, if these wastes remain longer in your colon, they accumulate and the liver stops sending new filtered wastes. That is way your diet must include foods that can cleanse your colon as well.

HerbsThe liver cleansing should include natural herbs beneficial to your liver health. That includes: Dandelion – it is used to help both kidney and liver function, though the leaves are better for kidneys while the root is better for the liver. Milk thistle – its active component silymarin protects the liver cells from damaging and cell death due to chemical toxins. Artichoke – increases the bile production and protects liver cells. Neem – one of the most potent detoxifiers that also protects the liver.

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