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Pregnancy can cause you to have many different discomforts, one being morning sickness or nausea. It usually fits you in the morning but can last all day and come in waves. Many grandmothers books and doctors will give you so much advice on how to alleviate the morning sickness problem, however just a change of diet can drastically help. Coupled with morning sickness you may also experience dry heaving and sickness when smelling certain foods. Also women may experience cramping, bloating, and basically an overall body and mind weakness. These signs happen because your blood sugar and your hormones are continuously changing.

How to relieve morning sickness

It is important to consult your GP when you are thinking about changing your diet or adding any form of supplements.


Anise seeds are found to be calming and they are a detoxifying agent which can assist in alleviating heartburn and any discomfort you may be experiencing. Simply prepare the seeds by crushing them and steep them in hot water and then drink.


This can be made as a herbal tea it basically helps to calm you down in the evening time and help to get rid of any anxiety.


Ginger helps to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling in your stomach and digestive system. Your morning sickness feelings can really die down with the use of ginger and ginger root.


Fennel is used in many different countries around the world and they all use it as an agent to help with digestion. It also assists with heartburn, simply drink it in a tea form throughout the day and you will feel much better.

A weekly supplement is also an option for helping with the symptoms of morning symptoms like discomfort. Sepia is a homeopathic herb which is known for its assistants in diminishing the feelings of any slight depression or even lethargy and also the feeling if being irritable. If you also have found you have tremendous salty-food cravings then this can really help you out. Colchium is known for calming down the horrid waves of nausea and also can assist you in a feeling of a loss of appetite. Nux vomica is wonderful for helping you if you are suffering with constipation and feeling sick after eating. Pulsatilla has been found to help with depression and can help you to control any sweet food cravings. Ipecacuanha will assist with vomiting and basic all round sickness.

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