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Somewhere between 50 and 80 percent of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness. Although in most cases it tends to subside by the 13th week of pregnancy, there are times when nausea is present even in the final trimester.

Oftentimes women resort to using home remedies to sooth this ailment. The most common remediesin this department include ginger tea, vitamin B6 and acupressure wristbands.

When it comes to diet, there is a number of things a pregnant woman could do to avoid nausea. It is best have multiple small meal during the day, as opposed to two, to three big ones. It is important to avoid foods rich in fat. Small snacks should always be within reach.

Determining which types of foods trigger this unpleasant effect and eliminating those from one's diet is a good way to start. Of course, some types of food need to be consumed in spite of the side-effects, but there may well be an adequate replacement. In case there has been vomiting involved, it is especially important to drink a lot of liquids.

Acupuncture can be very effective in reducing the symptoms of morning sickness, especially when it comes to more severe cases. Women suffering from hyperemesis, an extreme form of morning sickness could find this strategy to be of use. Some studies show that regular acupuncture sessions have better outcomes than, for example, anti-nausea drugs.

Ginger is a well known curative for this condition. People competent in the medical field will often advise the use of ginger in alleviating the symptoms. Although there are doubts expressed about the actual safety of its use, there are no official studies that even mildly support these notions. There are also speculations that ginger has harmful effect on the blood-clotting process, thus prolonging bleeding time. However, no statistic has ever come up which would give grounds for a deeper investigation of the theory.

Another way to sooth a touchy stomach is peppermint. Its aroma can help in suppressing the nausea and it is relatively simple to use. A bowl of hot water with two drops of peppermint essential oil is all one needs. It will fill the bedroom with a soothing aroma and, hopefully, make morning less tough to bare.

When it all comes down to it, it could be that it is all about the psychology and that some people are more inclined to morning sickness than others. It is speculated that this is simply a response to every day stress a pregnant woman endures. Of course, this is also very difficult to prove, although a remark could be made that constant nausea and vomiting themselves can be serious stress inducers, so it becomes a game of the chicken and the egg.

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