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Morning sicknessis often during pregnancy, and more than 50% of new moms experience thisinconvenience. Even if it’s called morning sickness it could happen any time ofthe day or night. In most cases morning sickness starts at the beginning ofpregnancy, in 4th week or so and mainly stops at the 14thor 16th week. There are cases in which this sickness lasts until thebirth.

Every womanis specific when it comes to morning sickness and there is no real cure for it,just some ideas that might work out for you.

If you’retaking some prenatal vitamins it might help avoiding them in the morning, andtake them later in the day.

Vitamin B6often helps with the sickness, and therapeutic dose of this vitamin is 50 mg.Some of the products containing vitamin B6 that might help are cherry flavored lollipops(B-Natal Thera Pops) and Morning Sickness Magic, which contains vitamin B6,ginger, raspberry leaf and folic acid.

Ginger is oneof the herbs that could help with the nausea. The daily dose is 250mg, threetimes a day, in capsules. Another possibility is to chew crystallized ginger ortry some ginger candies if you like. Ginger or peppermint tea might help withthe nausea, too.

It issuggested to avoid heat and warm places, because it may increase the sickness. Pregnantwomen often feel sick and nauseous for being tired, so the experts recommend enough to sleep during the night and dailynaps. However, you should avoid naps rightafter you had your meal.

Some of thetips suggest eating crackers or dry cereals before getting up and when you getout of bed do it slowly.

Pregnantwomen often find smells annoying and sickness inducing, so open windows, turn thefans on while cooking and after the meals, or try cooking using microwave. Cold foodsmells less, so they might be your choice for the sickness. Tissue with a fewdrops of anti nausea essential oil also might be helpful (it usually containslemon oils).

When it comesto eating you should eat what you want and when you want. Keep in mind that greasyand spicy food might be the reason for nausea, because of the smell and itstaste. Eat smaller portions of food every couple of hours, use lots of proteins(low fat meat, beans, eggs, nuts, seafood) and do not skip the meals.

Don’t drinkwhile eating and drink enough fluid during the day to avoid dehydration.

For severemorning sickness, if you are unable to keep food or water down you shouldconsult a doctor. Both mom and the baby could suffer from mom's weight loss anddehydration. The doctor will estimate your specific situation and prescribe the necessarymedication. Severe cases of pregnancy sickness are treated with tablets,intravenous solutions or suppositories.

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