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Morning sickness is a completely natural part of pregnancy. It is extremely prevalent about three quarters of all pregnant women experience pregnancy nausea and/or vomiting, during the first trimester and sometimes beyond. But just as morning sickness (which of course, has a nasty way of appearing at times other than the morning!) is natural, there are many natural, herbal remedies to reduce it as well. Are you hoping to get some relief from nausea?

These are our tips to help you.

1) Did you know that low levels of the vitamin B6 and iron can increase morning sickness? Boosting both of these might help reduce any nausea you are suffering when you are pregnant. Vitamin B6 is contained in all whole grains, but it is naturally depleted during pregnancy. So up those grains! Iron can be found in nettles, watercress, parsley and alfalfa, among others.

2) Drinking fennel tea as soon as you wake up has a calming effect on the stomach and might just do the trick if you were hoping to have a vomit-free day. You can continue drinking this tea throughout the day if you need to.

3) Raspberry leaf tea is recommended for pregnant women for many reasons, by herbalists and naturopaths. It has a particularly favorable reputation for the last few weeks of pregnancy, as a preparation for birth. But did you know that raspberry leaf tea can help kiss pregnancy nausea goodbye, too?

4) Mint, when used as an infusion, is said to be very effective against any form of nausea, morning sickness included. You can buy mint infusions from herbalists, or make your own quite easily.

5) Ginger is another of those plant sources that really helps against morning sickness. I have used ginger to remedy travel sickness before, and it worked like a dream. Fresh or fried ginger root is well worth a try if you want to combat pregnancy nausea, as well.

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