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Why is the high blood pressure dangerous?

The permanently increased blood pressure which is medically called hypertension is one of the most common coronary diseases which, of course, if not treated, can lead to numerous heart related and severe health problems. So, it is extremely important to control the blood pressure every once in a while as the prevention and to keep it low if suffering from the hypertension, although the hypotension is not harmless too (but it is never as dangerous as the hypertension).

Having in mind that this problem is very frequent nowadays, concerning the sedentary lifestyle, the poor eating habits and the harmful substances which people take a lot and which increase the risk of getting the hypertension, there are, naturally, a lot of available medications for lowering the pressure of the blood. However, those artificial medications often have certain harmful side effect and that is why it is highly recommendable to introduce the natural remedies into the therapy, instead the mentioned drugs.

Treating the hypertension with the herbal supplements

So, the treatment is based mainly on the additional intake of the beneficial substances in the form of supplements or as the beneficial herbs in the fresh form. As far as the supplementary dieting regime is concerned, the most popular and effective substances which successfully deal with the problem of the hypertension are: the mineral calcium (unfortunately works just in the minority of the cases), potassium (decreases mildly the level of both, the diastolic and systolic pressure), Alpha-linolenic acid (even more effective if taken as the prevention), blond psyllium, the oils extracted from fish and cod liver, and the coenzyme Q-10 (one of the most effective supplements, but should be used for the period of three months).

However, the biggest problem is that the majority of the listed supplements can’t be combined and mixed with each other, since, they tend to become voluminous in the body. Similar are the following herbs, which are also effective in decreasing the level of the blood pressure: garlic (has somewhat moderate effect), the leaves from olive (additionally decreases the amount of the cholesterol in the blood and prevents the infarct, the malignant tumor of the breast and rheumatoid arthritis), the green or oolong tea (can be also found in the form of the extract, significantly reduces the chances of getting the hypertension), the herb Stevia (which is among the most beneficial remedies) and the herb called Pycnogenol (the extract of the pine bark; should be used only in the case of reducing the systolic pressure).

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