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The liver is the organ that requires the special care since it plays the most important role in the processes of the detoxification and purification of the organism and the removal of the harmful substances from the blood flow, especially nowadays, when people are more and more likely to lead the unhealthy lifestyles. The most harmful substances for the health of the liver are introduced by the oral intake of the unhealthy foods, such as the fast food products and the refined sugars, for example. And the main function of this organ is to decompose the fats, so it is recommendable to stay away from the saturated fats, which are more complex, and harder to be metabolized.

The most dangerous problem of the liver happens when the liver itself becomes fatty, which inevitably raises the amount of the cholesterol in the blood, which, consequently, and leads to the much more severe problems related to the coronary system.

What Should we Know About the Herbal Remedies?

Nevertheless, although in the most of the cases it is the better solution to choose the natural remedies based on herbs, instead of the conventionally prescribed artificial medications that provide certain side-effects, not all the herbs are beneficial for the liver. In fact, some of them are so harmful that can cause an irreparable damage to the liver. So, it is more useful to list the dangerous herbs, instead of enumerating those numerous beneficial herbs for the liver.

So, some of the herbs are even believed to be prone to cause some serious illnesses, like hepatitis. That is the case of the mistletoe, which is considered as one of the best cures for decreasing the pulse and the hypertension. Also, some patients reported that, after taking the herb called germander as the enhancer of the metabolism, their liver became corrupted and filled with the harmful toxins from this plant. The similar effect of the cleansing of the organism could be provided with the use of the herb Atractylis gummifera, but it cleanses the organism with very potent substances, which encourage more frequent urge for urinating and vomiting, and those substances are too harmful for the liver.

Besides those, there is the herb which encourages the process of digesting the foods, but which, at the same time, causes one type of hepatitis (called the cholestatic), and it is the herb with the folk name ‘’greater celandine’’.

Anyway, the liver can be also ruined because of the use of the herb called kava kava (used for treating the PMS, nervousness and insomnia), if someone consumes pennyroyal (which successfully solves the abdominal problems), and when the herb called chaparral (which helps in providing the relief from the symptoms associated to HIV) is used.

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