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Tinnitus is a medical condition in which a person experiencesconstant noise in the audiotory canal of the ear. Many patients who suffer fromtinnitus suffer hearing loss as well, and a certain psychological disorders suchas sleep deprivation, anxiety and depression are also quite common. Tinnitus isusually caused by sustained damage to the nerves found in the tiny hears of theinner ear.

The damage gets triggered by excessive repeated exposure to loud andharsh noises. Other causes of tinnitus include ear infections, beeswaxobstructions, alcohol induced physiological problems, side effects of variousmedications and an impaired blood circulatory system. Sometimes the problemcannot be strictly localized to the ear because some studies show that it canalso be affiliated with certain dysfunctions of certain nerves in the brain.

Herbal Supplements

Those who suffer from chronic forms of tinnitus usuallycannot be treated by allopathic medicine and need to use herbal supplements andnutrients in order to obtain an effective treatment. Most benefits of theherbal supplements take effect after long periods of regular use but some maybe efficient in just a few months.

All herbal supplements are completely safeeven when combined and they pose no risk of any harmful chemical conflicts.Gingko biloba is one of the most efficient herbal supplements for the treatmentof tinnitus caused by an impaired brain nerve circuitry and it also dilates theblood vessels and improves the blood circulation in the nerves when taken withthe B-vitamin inositol hexaniacinate. Vitamin B6 greatly improves the healthand the proper functioning of the nerve tissue of the inner ear area, whilevitamin B12 is a an essential fatty substance which is very beneficial informing the nerve protecting sheath and enabling electrical conduction of theimpulses along the nerves. It is recommended to take folic acid as well becauseit precludes the occurrence of other vitamin B deficiencies.

If one feels noimprovement after taking the aforementioned health supplements after threemonths the treatment should be stopped immediately. Magnesium is very importantfor the proper functioning of auditory faculties and blood circulation. Zincdeficiency can also contribute to the tinnitus problem since it is very importantfor the proper functioning of the inner ear and it is most noticeable inpersons who suffer from hearing loss due to the aging process. Coppersupplements must always be taken in combination with zinc supplements. Otherefficient herbal supplements include passion flower, ramson, horsetail herb,mistletoe and plantain and all of them can be used in different forms.

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