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Gall bladder is small sack located in your abdomen, on the left side of your stomach behind the liver. Function of the gall bladder is to holds and release liver product, digestive concentrate fluid called bile. Bile is passed through bile duct digesting the food by braking down fats and other food ingredients in your intestines into the small pieces.

Gallstones are formed in cases when parts of hard cholesterol or mineral stones are left behind in your gallbladder. Gallstones can bigger, in which case they produce massive symptoms or smaller, in a way that you do not even know you have it. Gallbladder surgery called cholecystectomy - in which case gall bladder is removed completely is the only way according to your doctor.

There are several gallbladder surgery complications and side effect. Truth is that most people do not have any problems after surgery, and with healthy diet, the lead normal lives. But just to be on the safe side here is a list of few possible side effects and complications in gallbladder surgery;

Elevated blood cholesterol levelsAfter the surgical removal of a gallbladder, there is no more storage for the bile in the body and this leads to problems with fats digestion, and as a result, you may have elevated level of cholesterol of in your blood. So you must be careful to maintain a healthy low cholesterol diet in post operative period.

Infection of incisionIn cases that post operative care is not adequate, there may be infection of the incision. Redness and pain will alert you to this case.

Injury of bile duct and bile leakBecause the most gallbladder surgeries are performed by laparoscopy, which is procedure when surgeon inserts instruments trough bile duct, there is a possibility of mechanical injury to bile duct. This injury may lead to bile leak and abdominal pain. Bile leak can also happen after gallbladder removal, there is nothing to hold the bile tat is being produced. This post operative complication is unfortunately incurable.

Billiary colicDie to a spasm of the gallbladder sphincter there may be colicky pain in abdominal region. This is one of the most common complications of gallbladder surgery. In cases that symptoms of Billiary colic are severe there is a surgical procedure called sphincterotomy that are performed in order to easy the pain.

Slip of the clipAfter the gallbladder removal, remaining part of a bile duct is clipped to prevent bile leaks and other complications. In some rare cases clipped part may be dislocated, causing pain.

Symptoms resembling gallbladder attacksSymptoms resembling gallbladder attacks can happen even after gallbladder is removed, and it may be nausea, vomiting, indigestion etc. this may come as a surprise to patients who decide to have gallbladder surgery because of these same problems. Further treatments are necessary in those cases.

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