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Every woman in world likes her hair. If she wakes up and sees significant amount of hair on the pillow it can often cause much distress. Manywomen are complaining about thinning or losing hair and there are doctors anddermatologists concerned about this issue as well.

Hair loss is common for men, especially for aging men, but whenit happens in women it is usually alarming. This is something completely different, for the cause of female hair loss is often some physiological problem inthe body. Only in the United States, about 25 million of women are experiencinganxiety provoked by hair loss.

The same thing is happening all around the world and it isfound out to be linked to certain genetic factors. Many studies have beenconducted over the years and some scientists believe that female hair loss canbe inherited but this is not the most important of factors determining hairloss in women.

Hormonal Imbalance

Estrogen, female hormone, is the main component in manybody functions. If it drops under a certain level it can cause affect the nutrientssupply for the hair follicles and decrease enzymes that help hair maintenance.Women older than 50 years of age are most commonly affected by the hair loss, probably due to the natural decrease in female hormones.

There is a significant number of women younger than 50 thathave used contraceptive pills during a long period of time. Contraceptive pills withestrogen can also decrease estrogen levels and cause hair loss. Women who gavebirth to a child may also experience the same problem, because several mineralsand vitamins needed for hair maintenance are depleted from their bodies. Anemiacan be another factor for hair loss, especially if it was caused by iron deficiency. Chemotherapy as the treatment for some cancers may also lead to complete hairloss in female patients, but in most cases the hair restores after the recovery.

Bad Hair Care

If woman’s hair loss is not caused by anything mentionedabove, you can be sure that it is caused by bad hair care.

Using hair products every day, you simply must be aware of its chemicalcomposition. Some hair treatments and styling products can cause damage to the hairand scalp, followed by hair loss or thinning of the hair. So it is better to checkwith your doctor or dermatologist which products are suitable for your hair and skin type.Also, be sure to check if new product you want to use is approved by the US Foodand Drug Administration, because that approval ensures the safety of the product. Frequent use of shampoos and combing of the hair can also affect the hair and cause its loss,so be very careful when doing so.

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