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Considering the lifestyle today, people have very littletime to relax, rest and even sleep enough. As a consequence, many people suffer from fatigue. Fortunately there arevarious natural energy boosters which can provide a much needed lift.

A great energy booster is the coenzyme Q10. Another one is a Chinese plant named"Schisandra". This is proven to help with fatigue caused by stress.This natural booster is used widely across China and other parts of Asia.

Digestive Enzymes

As we get older, we need more energy to break downcarbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and our body uses more energy in the processof food digestion. Digestive enzymes are enabling our body to break down thesenutrients more quickly and with lesser consumption of the energy. These enzymescan be found in the raw food, but processing and cooking the food destroysthem. Since our body does not produce enough enzymes when we get to the age offorty, we need to find other sources of these energy boosters. Good sources ofthese enzymes are raw meals like salads and food supplements.


Siberian ginseng balances your body functions. For instance,if you suffer from the high blood pressure, this herb will lower it, and if youhave low blood pressure, it can raise it. Ginseng also boosts your energy,immune system, memory and reduces stress. This plant stabilizes your bloodsugar as well, and many people report that, when consuming ginseng, they feelstronger and have more stamina. You can consume this nutrient in many forms,such as beverages or pills.


Cayenne is an herb that enhances circulation, increases the bloodflow and consequently, raises the oxygen levels in your blood. This herb alsoprotects your heart and boosts your immune system.

24 Hour Fasting or Detoxing

Staying away from the solid foods for a brief period of timewill enable the body to put that energy used for food digestion to other useslike fighting diseases and getting rid of toxins. Fasting detox enables you toclean out your system. Furthermore, you should keep your colon clean, because,if the colon isn’t clean, toxins get piled up and absorbed by the body. Thiscauses various health issues. Clean colon leaves you clear-headed andenergized.

It is essential to drink a lot of water to keep yourselfhydrated at all times. Water also helps your body to flush out all the toxins,and that way your body saves a lot of energy used to cope with the harmfulimpact of those dangerous substances.

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