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What is it that the majority is in search of?

The condition in question falls into the group of those most unpleasant ones. This is, of course, one of the main reasons why people are in constant search of those additional products and supplements that will help them ease the uneasiness and remedy this condition once and for all. However, what should all people who belong to this group of “seekers” know from the outset is that, in order to achieve this, the first and most important thing to be done is establishing the equilibrium between moisture and oil.

The body itself, actually, already excretes that same oil which is responsible for keeping our skin well lubricated. On the other hand, moisture is the substance present on the inside of our skin cells and is transported there by means of our bloodstream. What is vital about the entire process is that that same present water is that which makes the cells healthy, glowing and “young”. Therefore, it is essential that inside our body there is enough moisture, as well as enough oil, so the extreme moisture evaporation could be brought to a halt.

Dry skin culprits

Those who are having hard time with their dry skin should not be alarmed, since ordinary dry skin is in most cases inconsequential in nature. Even despite this, dry skin can be extremely unpleasant, itchy and in many cases flaky. If a person is experiencing so intensive dry skin that it cracks, then this can be rather more serious, since, this is the marker for very dry skin that needs to be tended to immediately. When having dry skin in mind, another important thing is that there exist two different kinds:

Simple dry skin, which is a consequence of the deficit in natural oils, andComplex dry skin, which is a consequence of both, the deficit in natural oils and moisture as well.

Among a number of quite frequently appearing culprits we find the following:

Poor dietEnvironmental factorsAir conditioning or central heatingAlcohol and drugsCaffeineDehydration (diarrhea, vomiting, high fever etc.)Various disorders (skin and thyroid related)AgingGenes

Nutrients and herbs

The most essential nutrients rejuvenating our skin, and also contributing to its overall health are vitamin A (together in combination with carotenoids), beta-carotene, vitamins B, vitamin E and Vitamin C. As far as the most skin beneficial herbs are concerned, those occupying the top of the ladder are Lavender and Aloe Vera.

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