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About this skin problem

There can be the natural depletion of the oil in the skin layers and this is just the regular problem of having a dry skin type. However, if the dryness of the skin is accompanied by the scaling, that is, with the dead skin cells that tend to fall off, this problem should be considered as the skin condition. This skin ailment is provoked by the lack of the oil and humidity from some reason. Of course, this is the logical consequence of the disrupted production of the oil from the skin glands, especially, if the general depletion of the water in the organism is involved. Moreover, this problem is more likely to happen in the elderly people, since the natural process of ageing is the cause of the gradual loss of the vital skin nutrients.

Nevertheless, it could be assumed that the condition of having a flaky skin is tightly associated with the infectious processes of the skin, and, most commonly, it is the result and the most prominent indicator of being affected by a fungus. Such is the case of the Athlete’s foot, which is, as its name already says it all, the fungal infection that attacks the feet, or to be more exact, the spaces between the toes. Also, the flaking of the dead skin cells could be the consequence of suffering from ringworm.

How to deal with the skin flakes?

Anyway, apart from being unsightly and troublesome, this problem is to be treated right away after being noticed, since, eventually, some unwanted complications may happen in the case of the advanced stages of flaking, such as the open cracks on the skin, for example. In order to avoid this case scenario, it is recommendable, first of all, to use the cosmetic products based on not so aggressive agents. And, as far as providing the relief from itch, redness, dryness and flaking is concerned, it should be based on the appropriate and methodical putting on of the moisturizers. But, the basis of the treatment actually consists of attacking the problem from the inside, therefore, the increased intake of healthy fluids (the milk products, water and the natural fruit juices) is a must. The almonds kept in water from the night time are recommended to be eaten after waking up,

When it comes to the topically intended remedies, the most effective are the ones that are rich in the vitamin E. So, the most beneficial are the skin oils (such as the oils extracted from almond and olive), the mixture of the juice extracted from lemon and glycerin and the cream based on Aloe Vera. In addition, it is recommendable to stay away from sunbathing.

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