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Dry skin is a very common problem throughout the world. Normally, dry skin is a relatively easy to solve problem, but in some cases, it may be an indication of an underlying condition. In other cases, the condition can lead to other, more serious disorders and skin infections. For the most part, however, this is not a serious problem, and most skin disorders can be relatively easily solved. If the condition is not treated in a prompt enough manner, then the problem can progress and potentially lead to more serious disorders. Cracking and even bleeding might occur in severe cases, which can lead to bacteria being attracted, thus increasing the risk of infection of the skin.
Dry skin
Many things can lead to a drying of the skin. Included in this are factors such as age, diet, and weather conditions. Those who are over the age of sixty five might tend to be more vulnerable to problems with dry skin. Patches of dry skin are quite common around the lower legs, arms, and the abdomen. However, the problem can also be widely found to occur on the face or around the mouth. Low humidity can lead to a lowering of the levels of moisture in the skin. An imbalanced diet might also lead to potential problems with the skin. It is also important to avoid taking long hot baths or showers, particularly during the winter months. This can also contribute to a lowering of moisture levels in the skin. It is recommended that one moisturizes properly after showering or bathing.
Skin care is very important in relation to those who suffer or might potentially suffer from problems with dry skin. Try patting the skin dry after bathing or showering. Avoid rubbing the skin, as this can lead to irritation. Make sure to apply moisturizer to the skin. With this in mind, pure oils are the best option. You might choose to employ the use of jojoba oil for the neck and the skin. Try diluting the oil in a plastic mug of warm water. Add fifteen to twenty drops of the oil to a mug that is three quarters full of water, before pouring the water over your skin.
It might also be necessary to carry some soap free cleansers and light moisturizers if you are particularly prone to acne or dry skin. During winter, if the skin becomes dry, then you might choose to carry a lip balm in order to keep the lips free from dryness.

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