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If one wants to have healthy skin which is also attractiveand glowing at the same time, he or she needs to maintain a steady balance ofmoisture and oil. The skin contains sebaceous glands which are in charge ofsecreting oil and lubricating the surface of the skin. Moisture is nothing morethan water inside the skin cells which is actually brought there by means ofbloodstream. The conclusion of the aforementioned facts is that water isactually the main factor which keeps the skin healthy and shiny. Not a lot ofpeople know that proper amounts of oil are also needed in the skin. The oil isresponsible for preventing the evaporation of moisture from the top layers ofthe skin. This is why oil and moisture work together in order to maintainproper health of the skin. Supplements for dry skin may be an answer to theprayers of all those who suffer from dry skin and similar skin related medicalproblems triggered by an unhealthy balance of oil and moisture.


Various different types of nutrients may be of great helpwhen it comes to maintaining proper balance of oil and moisture in the skin ofa person. Fish oil is jam packed with omega 3 fatty acids so it is very efficientin replenishing the moisture in the skin. Selenium is a nutrient known for itspotent antioxidant properties and the enhanced protection from UV rays. Forthose who do not know, antioxidants are substances which are very efficient in fightingoff the free radicals and reducing the amount and severity of damage they causeinside the human body. L-cysteine is another important nutrient which can beheld responsible for the suppleness and the visual appearance of the skin. Thesebaceous glands which are in charge of producing the oil used for thelubrication of the skin require a certain nutrient in order to functionproperly. That nutrient is known as zinc. Vitamin C is of utmost importancewhen it comes to normal production of collagen in the skin. Vitamin E, vitaminA, carotenoids and vitamins from the B complex are of utmost importance when itcomes to proper overall health of the skin. They also prevent numerous skinrelated medical conditions from occurring in the first place. Certain types ofherbal remedies such as comfrey, calendula, lavender and Aloe Vera may also beconsidered as excellent supplements for those who suffer from dry skin.

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