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Get fit the healthy way - this is the something many of us say and want to start with as soon as possible, but somehow we always leave it for the next Monday. Reasons might be very simple; too much stress and pressure put upon us from various sources simply do not allow us to add another obligation in life, and getting fit does require some rules and discipline.


There are many methods that can be used for dealing with excessive weight. And not only excessive weight is the problem, but bad eating habits might lead to high cholesterol levels, increased triglycerides, blood vessels problem etc. So, reducing weight is just a first step, next would include maintaining desired number of pounds and eliminating and lowering bad substances in the organism.

Getting fit the healthy way must include a combination of exercises and normal, healthy meals. Exercises should be all about the improvement of the cardiovascular system. Those physical activities should include pushups, sit ups, abs workout, squats, a lot of stretching for preventing cramps and spasms etc. Running must be included too, or at least several miles of walk each day. Also, if some specific activity is favored, that should be done. We think of soccer, basketball, martial arts, tennis, something that can be done with friends and that can burn a lot of calories.

As for the supplements, well, they should be safe for use, and therefore, they might help. Still, we cannot say that those should be included in the healthiest possible way of losing weight. Only if there is a doctor's approval, we can add them to the list.

Eating healthy

As for the food, junk food simply has to go, which means that snacks, sweets, soda juices, cakes, these all must be eliminated from everyday menus. There must be about 6 meals in a day, in order to prevent the hunger from affecting us too much. Also, if hunger does come, it should be eliminated by drinking water. That might help until exercises begin. If exercises become too intensive and hard, the body will be depleted from energy, vitamins and minerals, and those must be taken in via fresh food, fruits and vegetables. Vitamin cocktails are allowed, but only if the loss of vitamins is really great. If a person likes juices, then natural juices should be made by squeezing fruits and adding some sweeteners without any calories. Although those sweeteners are an excellent alternative to sugar, those should not be taken in large amounts, because they are artificial products.

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