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If one's digestion is not functioning properly, one will lose a lot of the nutritional value of what one is eating. Thus, even if you are maintaining a reasonably healthy diet, you will not experience the full benefits if your digestion is not at full strength. In order to assist in the bodily absorption of food and nutrients, it is thus necessary to strengthen one's digestion. This can be achieved through the consumption of certain types of food and drink.

Dietary Tips

Firstly, drinking hot water and hot herbal teas is a great way to encourage bodily detoxification. Herbs that can help with digestion include chamomile, cinnamon and peppermint.

Mixing Food

It might be advisable to avoid mixing food too much. Variety is the spice of life, but varying your food intake too much in too short a time might place undue stress on the digestive system. Try to eat meals comprising of three or less types of food.

Chewing Food

Another tip deals with how we chew our food. It is advised that you should chew each mouthful you take about thirty times. This will allow the salivary enzymes to break down the food more efficiently. Eating in a relaxed atmosphere might also prove beneficial. Some might feel that their digestion becomes smoother or easier when eating in a peaceful environment.

Cooked Food

One idea you might like to try is eating cooked foods as opposed to raw or cold foods. This might sound silly, but when cold or raw foods enter our body, they need to be heated up in order for digestion to function efficiently. Obviously, this process will be slowed in the case of cold or raw foods. In particular, those who suffer from weak digestion might want to avoid eating cold or raw foods. Further to this, it is recommended that one eats as much freshly prepared meals as possible. Avoid dining on ones leftovers if this is possible.


Fruit has many benefits for our bodies. However, in some cases it might be recommended to avoid eating fruit during meals. Instead, try to limit ones fruit consumption to the periods in between mealtimes. Eating cooked fruit could also have possible benefits when compared to cold fruit. For some, particularly those with weak digestion, fruit might cause gas or bloating. Cooked fruit can make for a delicious dessert or snack.

Eating Less

Another straight-forward tip says, simply, eat less! If you eat too much, you risk over-burdening your digestive system. It is not a shameful thing to put down the knife and fork even if you still feel a slight hunger. After meals, try to relax and allow the body to digest. Make sure to rest after you eat, which will give the digestive system a chance to do its thing.

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