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What do You Know about Arthritis

Arthritis is a group of conditions characterized by damage of the joints in the body. For people older than 55 years of age,arthritis is considered to be the leading cause of disability.

Joint pain (also known as arthralgia) and swelling, warmtharound the joint and redness of the skin around the joint are some of the mostprominent symptoms of this medical condition. Many patients complain about paresthesias(stiffness), which is worse at night time, in the morning and especially duringthe winter. Symptoms may be constant or transient, and react to resting or somepain killers or not responding to any of these. Exact cause of arthritis isstill unknown, and scientists think that genetic predisposition and certainrisk factors may affect the development of this medical condition. What theyknow for sure, is that many arthritis patients don’t have (and didn’t have) anyoneelse in the family suffering from the same problem.

Conventional medicine advises using analgesic medications(pain killers) for people dealing with arthritis pains. However, these drugs areonly a temporary fix for the problem of these patients, and there are alsocertain side effects drugs could cause. Joint pain is well known to be chroniccondition and people experiencing this can also suffer from long term healtheffects of taken pain killer medications. Herbs have been proven to work verywell for arthritis patients and decrease their pain and swelling of theirjoints.

Herbal and Other Remedies for Arthritis Patients

Herbal remedies are advised as the arthritis solution bymany naturopaths and herbalists. These remedies are believed to be able to curethe condition, affecting the root of the problem, which is somethingconventional medicine can’t do. In most cases, herbs are safe to use and don’t causeany side effects, even if the patient uses them continuously for a long time. Evenif the patients use more than recommended dose of the remedy, he/she most likelywon’t suffer from any adverse effects of the herbs.

Herbal remedies can be used as a preventive measure, inpeople prone to arthritis pains, but also to cure the condition in patientsalready experiencing some of the joint problems.

Regular consumption of ginger is believed to relivearthritis symptoms. Dandelion roots are also said to be efficient remedy forarthritis patients.

Black cherry juice, in doses of about ¼ of a cup, every dayshould also be very helpful when dealing with joint problems. In fact, anygreen vegetable juice, combined with carrot, beet and celery juice should bebeneficial for arthritis.

Remedy made of black sesame seeds, soaked in water overnightand taken on an empty stomach in the morning is a traditional remedy for thiskind of problem.

Essential oils are also beneficial for arthritis patients,either to improve circulation or for their anti-inflammatory properties. Forthis purpose, use rosemary, chamomile, cypress, lemon, lavender or juniperessential oils.

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