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Arthritis is one of the most researched diseases these days. So far, scientists and doctors have identified more than 100 types of arthritis, and there are more than 50 million of Americans suffering from this problem. Although this disease usually affects older people and the majority of them is over 65 years of age, it can also affect younger adults and even children. Most of the patients are women, since they are more likely to develop this condition than men.

Treatment options for arthritis can include medications, change of diet, special physical activity and herbal remedies and in some cases these methods may be combined. If you decide to use both drugs and herbal or some other remedies for arthritis, inform your doctor and ask about the potential problems or interaction that might happen. Diet and exercise are advised as the common treatment for these patients and both are necessary for the complete recovery from arthritis.

Oral Drugs for Arthritis

Medications are the most effective therapy for arthritis there is and patients are usually advised to use glucosamine sulfate or chondroitin sulfate. These substances are known to be of great help for many but not for all arthritis patients. Emu oil and MSM (methylsulfonmethane) are also among popular medications for arthritis. Your doctor may recommend you to combine prescription drugs with these oral medications, because this combination can bring much faster relief. However, there is no way to predict if and how the patient will react to any of these medications.

Arthritis Topical Treatment

Many oils and creams are designed specifically with an intention to relieve painful sensations in the joints. When applied to the area of the body affected by arthritis these products penetrate the skin and help with the swelling of the joints, tendons or cartilage. Mint herbs are usually among the ingredients present is these creams and after the application to the skin they cause pleasant cooling effects and an immediate or at least a fast relief.

Surgery and Mobility Aids

For people suffering from advanced arthritis surgery is the treatment recommended by many specialists, even more so if no drugs or therapy seem to work anymore.

Other arthritis solutions may include different mobility aids and devices, to help people move and perform their normal everyday activities around the house and on the outside. Patients may require walking sticks, frames or crutches, quad sticks, seal walkers or similar aids and what they need depends on the severity of their symptoms. All arthritis solutions will definitively help people suffering from this disease to manage the problem in the best possible way.

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