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Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements are products which ingredients are the minerals,vitamins and herbs, as well as some enzymes and amino acids. Plants used tohelp people suffering from some medical problems or to maintain the good healthare also known as herbs.

When choosing the herbal supplement for you, always makesure to read about the company and its certificates. The facility should beapproved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), it should have NSF (NationalSanitation Foundation) certificate and be compliant with the GMP (Good ManufacturePractice). All these certificates can assure you that their products aren’t harmfulfor your body, and that the factory and its products are respected.

Diabetes Mellitus

This condition is characterized by high levels of glucose inthe blood and may be caused by the lack of insulin in the body or by insulin resistance.Most herbal remedies for diabetic patients are designed to do exactly the samething as the medications and insulin – to control the level of blood sugar. Becauseof that, there are no significant improvements if these patients use remedieswith cinnamon, alpha lipoic acid or chromium.

The best results are achieved in patients that combine prescribedmedications, useful herbal remedies, and maintain the healthy lifestyle. Usefulherbs are those that could positively affect the immune system, decrease thelevel of glucose in the blood and also prevent cellular and vascular damage.

Most diabetics suffer (and eventually die) from vasculardamage that led to stroke or heart-related problems. Herbal remedies whichcould repair or maintain the vascular system healthy are highly appreciated. Superoxidesare catalityc antioxidant substances, proven to be helpful to diabeticpatients. This superoxides can repair the damage done to the blood vessels ofthe diabetics, both microvascular and macrovascural damage. SOD superoxideexists as the herbal remedy in combination with gliadin (SOD/Gliadin). This remedymight help diabetic patients to prevent the potential damage to the bloodvessels and therefore prevent heart complications, so common in this disease.

Diabetic patients also have many problems with the healingof the wounds, infections and regeneration of their cells. Because of theirillness, diabetics have problems with the weakened immune system and are proneto many infections. Complications of infections are not rare and patients couldeven suffer from gangrene which might lead to amputation. Colostrums,especially bovine colostrums is the immune booster, which is believed to bevery useful for these patients.

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