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Traditional medicine uses herbal remedies to treat different medical conditions, and besides a very high rate of success in treatment with relaxation techniques for anxiety, anxiety is not an exception. Many of the herbs or isolated components of herbal remedies have been proven as effective medications and thus became the base for pharmaceutical preparations. Traditional herbalists will recommend kava kava, chamomile, valerian, passionflower, lemon balm or skullcap, when you have anxiety issues.


There are so many forms in which chamomile can be used that’s hard to mention all of them. One could use the tea, tablets, tinctures or almost anything else made from this herb as the remedy against anxiety. Although there are no studies that could confirm the benefits, it has been used for centuries to ease the stomach, relax your muscles and, of course, anxiety. Almost everyone can drink chamomile tea, without worrying about adverse effects.


Valerian tea is mostly used as the treatment for insomnia, mild sedative and anxiety treatment. Be careful when using this remedy, for some patients may react with increased anxiety and nervousness. Allergic reactions, liver problems, nausea, headaches and dizziness are also potential problems.

Lemon Balm

This herbal remedies has been used since the Middle Ages, as effective to soothe the anxiety, improve digestion and decrease the fever. You can opt for the tea or lemon balm extract.

Kava Kava

Roots of kava kava are the herbal remedy used all over Pacific Ocean because of the benefits of the ingredients known as kavalactones. These ingredients are responsible for the positive effects of kava kava, such as muscle relaxation, good sleep and sense of well being. Kava roots can be used on their own or grounded into the powder and then used with milk or water to make kava drink. Kavalactones are sensitive to heat, so don’t use hot water or hot milk, if you decide to make your own kava drink.

However, this very helpful herb has some downfalls. If you follow the directions for use and make the drink with cold water/milk there are no potential problems for your health. However, people may accidentally use leaves or ground up stem and these remedies are proven to be hurtful. Your liver can be seriously damaged, so always pay close attention when making or using kava. Additionally, the herb is said to have addiction potential and cause skin rash in sensitive patients. People who already have some liver problems should avoid this remedy.


Dry herb, tea or tinctures of passionflower have been scientifically proven as efficient in resolving the anxiety. This herbal remedy is also beneficial for people suffering from asthma, sleeping problems or rapid heartbeat. Some patients may experience nausea, drowsiness or headaches, or be allergic to the herb.


Common skullcap and blue skullcap are two closely related herbs, used as sedative, and sleeping and anxiety cure. People using this herb may experience fever, muscle pains or even liver problems, in some cases.

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