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Alternative treatments

The idea of visiting a doctor gives headache almost to everyone. People are usually too busy with their obligations, that there is not enough time for them to spend it on meeting with doctors, which often considers couple hours spent in waiting room. That is why we are going to discuss over some alternative ways of treatments such as herbal therapies.

History of the herbal usage in medicine

Herbal treatment represents any kind of therapy involving plants. Sometimes it is combined with chemical substances, but as far as plants represent bigger percentage of the cure, it is considered as herbal medicament. Some of the herbal therapies known to us originate from ancient period. It was then and still is essentially important how to distinguish which plants are good for which type of the illness. A list of therapy considers simple creams consisted of variety of plants used for external diseases and wounds on the body, and other are one involving cures for oral usage which heal internal diseases.

Today’s modern medicine is based on discoveries of the Ancient Greeks. Some of the schools, dating from that period, who used to teach about natural remedies, were divided on teaching in two ways; the one including astrology and other called the doctrine of signatures ( which emphasizes the importance of plant usage in the healing).

Popular herbs

Asefatida is plant found in Iran, and is famous about bad smell. It is used for reducing the pain in the throat, by putting into a bag and tightening to the neck area. Other remedies, popular for curing the problems with coughing are licorice and horehound usages. Other that are popular are garlic which is used for balancing blood pressure and St. John’s Wort herbal remedy for curing the insomnia.

As far as the weight loss treatments are concerned, there is also a variety of herbal remedies for that problem. But before applying any kind of herbal therapy, one should be informed of dangerous effects of some herbs. Ephedra and blue cohosh represent unsafe remedies because of its side effects which can be harmful for some tissues.

Not always natural therapies were considered as pleasant one. One of the strangest alternative remedies represents spider web, which is supposed to be swallowed in order to cure headache or used as bandage on the surface of the wounds. Having all this in mind, one should decide whether to chose natural or conventional therapies for healing. It is the tough decision, isn’t it?

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