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Headaches at the best of times can be debilitating, they can prevent you from doing your job and they can stop you from following your daily regime and in some cases they can put you to bed for a few hours. There are many different medicines that you can buy over the counter and at your local pharmacy, but most will come with side effects or even a possibility to long term damage. Many people are now turning to herbal remedies to cure their headaches.

Treating a Headache with Herbs

This idea is certainly not a new one, herbs for medical use have been around and been used for many years. Herbs can be used for a whole variety of problems and they were used by people prior to Tylenol, Anacin or Advil being designed.

Surprising Herbs for Headaches

You can try using clove and cinnamon as a topical treatment by mixing the two together in an equal amount and simply apply to the area which seems to be housing the headache. Another remedy to use in the cure of headaches is called skullcap, it has been around for hundreds of years. It works by relieving the tension in the headache by relaxing the muscles. A remedy that has the capability to cure many ailments is ginger and milk. The combination has anti inflammatory ingredients which indeed will help with a headache. To make the remedy you must use a table spoon of milk and just half a tea spoon of ginger and combine the two together, and then you can apply it topically to the area which is causing the majority of the pain. Also by including a little fresh ginger in your home cooking you will be taking a positive action in the prevention of headaches.

Known Herbs for Headaches

A massage always helps to relax you, but by adding certain oils to the massage is a guarantee to alleviate the headache. Combine sesame oil, mustard oil and almond oil and use the combination to massage into the scalp. Most people know about the magic of passionflower and its capability to relax the brain and change the chemical balance. Another herb that everyone is aware of is lavender, it can be used in a bath or in an oil burner. The oldest cure for the treatment of headaches is peppermint. It acts as a painkiller and as well as that it also invigorates and revitalizes you after your headache has passed rather than the usual drowsy feeling from the medicine.

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