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Many people suffer from anxiety very often and in such cases they opt for the consummation of certain herbs that are very helpful in reducing anxiety. People who experience anxiety may have phobias, panic attacks, or obsessive-compulsive behavior. Many qualified herbalists suggest that there are various herbs that are very effective and that people with anxiety should use them. In the majority of cases, anxiety is accompanied by many other symptoms, such as depression, insomnia, hyper-vigilance and dry mouth. When using herbal treatment for anxiety, it is usually recommended to combine it with many techniques for the reducing stress.

Herbs for anxiety

One of the herbs that many herbalists recommend is kava kava. It is very good for anxiety because it promotes sleep. This herb has kavalactone as a powerful active ingredient. It can be used in the form of capsule three times a day with meal, or four to six capsules at night for sleep. It should not be consumed for more that four months.

The extract of valerian is another beneficial cure for anxiety. As a sedative and painkiller, it has been used throughout the world for treating anxiety and insomnia very effectively. If a person has a panic attack at night, the valerian root should be used before going to bed. It is recommended to use it three times a day in the form of capsule, or just prepare a tea with powdered valerian root and sweeten it with honey. In the cases when anxiety is serious, a drop of valerian oil to bath water is highly recommended.

One capsule or a teaspoon of Ashwaganda tincture twice a day is usually used as a strengthening tonic. For the smoothening of the nerves, a person should also use Bugleweed tea with lime or linden flowers. One of the strong herbal calmers is California poppy, which can be found in the form of capsules or can be used as a tincture. Catnip and Chamomile are the two herbs that are very effective for smoothening the upset stomach. Feverfew is also a powerful nerves tranquilizer. Additionally, it is very good at relieving migraines and it should be consumed as a tea and drunk when cold.

For the improvement of the mood in those with depression, many herbalists recommend Gingko biloba because it is very effective for the better blood circulation to the brain. Ginseng in combination with royal jelly is highly recommended for the enhancement of energy and it is very effective in the lifting of spirits. It should be used twice a day as a tea. Other herbs that are also recommended for the treatment of anxiety are Hops, Lemon balm, Meadowsweet and Mullein, as well as Motherwort, Oats, Passion flower, and Peppermint.

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