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Living today is all about how much you earn, how much calories you eat, how high you rank on the social ladder in your environment, and so on and on. It is easily forgettable that long and healthy life does not require much, and it can give a lot.

General idea

Obesity is a major problem today, simply because overeating is one of the methods people use for dealing with stress. And eating should be healthy and fun, not the other way around. The most important thing is not to allow our children to inherit our bad habits. Teaching a child how to eat and live healthy is almost an impossible mission. Spoiling a child is easy today, since it offers instant solutions for difficult tasks. Children search for role models and parents should behave morally, properly and healthy. Lunchbox is a very important thing for a child. The box itself will surely have pictures of some favorite super heroes or dolls on it, but, what is more important is the content of the box.


There are many recipes for healthy lunches, but since we are dealing with children, healthy sandwich ideas are precious in this situation. Children are always very active and sometimes they would even skip eating if it requires sitting down and being still. Sandwiches can be eaten while already participating in a play, although it is not recommendable (but the lunch will be eaten).

Since a parent is preparing a sandwich, there are some things that have to be known. Avoiding white bread is one thing; there are many much, much healthier alternatives. Cheese should be low fat, if not, then smaller amount of it should be put in a sandwich. Salad can also be used, few tomato pieces too. As for meat, chicken is always highly recommended, tuna fish, too. So, we have healthy carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. As for drink, milk or water is fine, juices should be avoided, but it is ok for a child to drink it from time to time. Also, size of the sandwich should be appropriate for the child’s hands. As for other type of food, peanut butter can be used as a source of proteins, yogurt can replace milk, and there are many different types of salad made from different vegetables.

Important thing about sandwiches is taste, because simply putting the elements in without the flavor is not good. Salt can be added, but only small amounts, light mayonnaise, oregano, rosemary, pepper, curry powder etc. Spices are excellent for making a tasteful and still healthy sandwich for which a child will ask a parent to make it all the time.

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