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Lobster, Yes or No?

The beautifully tasty lobster meat isno secret to many people who enjoy this meal more than any other inthe world. Many cannot compare the taste of this amazing sea food toany other, placing it on the absolute pedestal of taste. However,some people tend to claim that everything which tastes good isactually not so good for your health and that the healthiest food isoften the one most disliked by others. This poses an intriguingmystery upon the lobster on your plate. If you would like to solve itand start eating it with even more enjoyment knowing that this meal ishealthy, read on.

Lobster, No!

Many people who oppose lobster meatconsumption claim that this seafood has high mercury levels which maybe dangerous for your health. However, researches have shown thatlobster has mercury quantities which are not harmful for humanorganisms since they are too low. Another argument some individualsmay have against these tasty lobsters is that they are full of germsand bacteria. Regardless, even though this might be true, thisapplies to everything we eat, especially meat. That is one of themain reasons we cook things before we eat them in the first place.Thus, once cooked right, lobster is deprived of all the harmfulmicroorganisms and is more than healthy for consumption.

Finally, anti-lobster part of oursociety tends to say that any living organism which feeds on rottenplants and microorganism cannot have healthy meat. This two is anincorrect statement. Namely, lobsters enjoy fresh plants and do notfeed on the rotting ones. Moreover, they also enjoy eating crabs andsome other sea organisms. Therefore, they eat healthy and are healthyto be eaten.

Lobster, Yes!

As we open the subject of benefits oflobster consumption, we need to mention the lean proteins first. Thisseafood is richer in healthy proteins than chicken is. Also, at thesame time, lobster meat is lower in fat levels, in comparison to thechicken. Thus, it represents one of the best sources of lean proteinaround.

Additionally, lobster meat is rich inomega3 fatty acids, which protect our organism from various diseases,including cancer. This is due to powerful antioxidant properties ofthese acids. Finally, lobster meat consumption will help you lose andmaintain body weight by staying fit and healthy. It is richvitamin B12, selenium, zinc and potassium, all of which are vitalnutrients for our organism's proper functioning. All in all, lobster is definitely a yes, for all the reasons mentioned above, and plenty more.

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