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Whoever wants to be healthy for the rest of their life and avoid developing some form of a heart disease, should try to make smart choices and follow right advices.

Tips for healthy heart

The heart is there to pump blood all around the body, ensuring that each organ and cell receives the vital oxygen and nutrients they need to function and stay alive. There are much advice on how to keep the heart healthy and avoid diseases, but one should obey only those health rules that have some medical backup. Physical activity, a nutritious diet and healthy life habits are key factors in keeping the heart healthy.

Healthy diet

Eating a lot of vegetables is extremely important and beneficial. Vegetables provide our bodies with glutamic acid that helps keep the blood pressure at optimal levels. Furthermore, there is no cholesterol, fat or empty calories in vegetables. On the contrary, vitamins and minerals from vegetables are indispensable for health.

Oils should not be used frequently in diet. They usually have many calories while being low on nutrition. Excessive use of oils may affect the development of arterial plaque and compromise cardio-vascular health.

Milk products may also be dangerous for one’s heart. Studies show that dairy products tend to destroy nitric oxide – body’s natural vasodialator. Vasodialation is a process of widening blood vessels that result from relaxation of muscle cells within the vessel walls.

Fighting obesity will help reduce the risk of potential heart disease. Being overweight makes the heart function under much more pressure and compromises coronary health. Healthy weight can be maintained by consuming less sugary foods and more fiber, complex carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables.

Excessive salt intake may also do damage. The recommended daily dosage is 6g or one teaspoon. Salt should be used at minimum while cooking because most of the foods already have some level of salt in them. Diets rich in antioxidants should be preferred for all those who wnat to maintain a healthy heart.

Lifestyle changes

Regular aerobic exercise is perhaps the best way to strengthen the heart and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Moderate exercise of 30 minutes practiced every day may do the miracles to human’s health.

Drugs should always be used as prescribed by a doctor. The wrong dosage may sometimes lead to heart diseases.

Moderate alcohol consumption may even be beneficial for the heart. However, excessive use will do serious damage. One should drink only if being able to stick to limited alcohol consumption. In any other case, it would be better to avoid alcohol at all.

Quitting smoking is one of the most important choices one should make in order to prevent coronary disease. Tobacco smoke takes away the oxygen from vital organs and thus affects serious health conditions such as heart or respiratory diseases, cancer or emphysema.

Stress management is crucial for overall health. Long walks, deep breathing or practicing relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga will prevent the undesirable effects of un-managed stress.

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