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There are many different opinions on a subject of what the most important thing in one's life is. Some will pursue happiness, others are interested in wealth, and there are those who seek excitement and pleasure. Whatever the choice, one thing is for sure - health is always needed, because without it, there is no way to live and function properly. Also, we spend high quantities of money on keeping the health in check.

Money and health

Medicine is a constantly growing and developing industry branch, and new inventions, therapies, techniques, medications and programs ensure us that our health can easily prevail in a fight against many illnesses and conditions. Unfortunately, this comes with a price, because the more complicated therapy, surgery, number of meds needed, the more money is required. Medical gear and material used on everyday basis are not cheap and they are usually paid by the state, as state collects that money from citizens through all sorts of taxes.

This emphasizes even more the importance of a quality health insurance, one that will make us forget about the possible mischief that might happen to our organisms. Each country has its own health insurance system and we can say that there is no perfect one, but there might be some projects that look interesting.


One of those is Healthy New York, or shortly Healthy NY, which offers several packages that cost differently and offer slightly different services. This particular project is focused more on people that work or posses some small businesses.

Benefit packages include services regarding hospitalization, maternity care, prevention, emergency help, etc. and even prescription benefits may be included in a package. Some interesting things that are covered with this package are regular prostate examination for men (finding out if there are malign cells in that region), surgery for breast reconstruction (in case if mastectomy was performed), all sorts of screening tests, lab services. Package functions on a co-payment basis and co-payment is executed at the moment of receiving any of the services covered by the healthy New York package. Since nothing is perfect, there are some things that this package does not cover and those would be services regarding mental health issues, dental care, treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, and some other. Still, a lot of needed services are covered. The only thing that one needs to be cautious about is this – if there is some already existing condition that started or was treated in a period of 6 months before the package started, healthy NY does not cover it.

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