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If you are, as most parents, interested in health pf your child, then you must already have some kind of healthy eating plan that you apply. As child has daily mental and physical strain, keeping it healthy and well feed in a must for any parent. Nevertheless, you can not have enough information, so we made a proposal of healthy school week eating plan, in order to help you with some advices and tips. Maintaining a balanced diet through the entire week in very important, so is a variety of food groups.

Monday – vegetables and fruit day

Try to arrange food on a plate in interesting order; either arrange food by color or by food group, while explaining to your child or children the importance of fruit and vegetables intake. If you have more kids, arrange their food in a different way; that will look more interesting to them. You can also try to make the fruit salad with exotic fruits like banana, papaya, melon, mango, kiwi, etc.

Tuesday – pasta, bread, rice, potatoes and other starchy food day

Follow the same advice about food arrangements on the plates and discussion of importance of those particular food groups from previous day. You may also talk with your children about theirs favorite types of starchy food, like potatoes or sandwich. If you have energy and time left, you can involve the kids in some brad making, and explain to them about ingredients of bread.

Wednesday – dairy and milk products day

As you probably already know, you will serve your kids with low fat milk and other dairy products, and maybe explain to them why it is important. You can also try to make some fruit smoothies with yogurt, and ask the children what combination is their favorite one. You may also talk to them about other types of food in this food group, like cheese or milkshake.

Thursday – eggs, beans, meat, fish and non dairy food day

You can explain your kids why these particular food groups is so important for theirs growth and development. If you do not have all those food available, you may try to explain to them about varieties of the food you have, like dried beams if you serve a normal one. Ask them about food choices in theirs school cantina or restaurant.

Friday – drinks and food high in sugar and/or fat day

Talk to them about why it is so important to intake only limited amounts of those foods, and the danger of overeating. Also try to explain (if you can), why these food are so tasty and in the same time has no nutritional value.

So, in conclusion, besides healthy eating plan for children and their school week, most important thing is to explain to them why some thing are good for them and other are not, in order for them to accept the habit of eating healthy latter in life.

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