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It is safe to call French onion soup a national treasure, as it has become increasingly popular all over the world, becoming somewhat of a trademark of France. It is quite a delicious dish, there’s no doubt about it. However, when the way of preparing this soup is taken into consideration, one must wonder just how healthy this soup really is and is its calorie level just too high to have it considered a healthy dish?

The overview of the French onion soup ingredients

The key ingredients of this soup are obviously onions, which are supposed to be caramelized. One may argue that this is the best thing to ever do with the onions, for they are as appetizing as they can be. And the combination of these caramelized onions and beef stock makes for a truly mouth-watering dish. The final ingredient of the soup gives it a very unique touch, and it is the French toast with melted Swiss cheese over it that’s put on top of the soup. This is a soup that’s very rich in both the texture and the flavor.

And just in case that some vegetarians are worried about being deprived of this marvelous dish, they really needn’t be. The beef stock can very easily be substituted with a vegetable one and it won’t make the soup loose none of its charm.

The calories and the overall nutrition of French onion soup

The amount of calories that a French onion soup will contain mostly depends on the way it’s prepared. The kind of French onion soup that contains the most calories is the kind is the homemade kind of French onion soup.

However, for those are trying to watch their weight, they should know that many of the calories will be taken away from the soup if only the Swiss cheese is taken out of the recipe, as it is the ingredient with the most calories and it isn’t the essential ingredient of the soup. There is also an option of buying the soup in a supermarket where it’s stored in the can. Its calorie level is pretty moderate.

However, the calorie level is not the only thing to pay attention to when considering which way is best to consume this soup. Another issue, that might just be more important, is the general health of the soup, take canned French onion soup for example.

While it sounds like the most suitable option calorie-wise, where there is even no need to give up any of the ingredients, health-wise the canned version of the soup is the worst possible option as it contains high levels of cholesterol and sodium, which are both extremely unhealthy. In this case, the situation is reversed and homemade French onion soup is the better solution as its ingredients can be controlled that way.

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