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Homemade burgers

There is a general belief that hamburgers are junk food and the main culprit for obesity, which is not always a case. One can easily make a healthy burger by combining healthy ingredients, and if homemade, burgers can be a good source of proteins and vitamins. They have earned a reputation of junk food because they are bought in junk fast food restaurants.

How to make a burger?

Recipe for making burgers is quite easy and it takes only 10 minutes of your time. You can be convinced that whatever burger you make it will be definitely better than the one you buy at fast food restaurants. You can make them whichever way you prefer, weather it is a grill or a broiler. This receipt is for four persons, but if you have a bigger company at you Sunday barbeque, you can increase the amounts of everything that you need for a burger. In order to make a good burger, you will need one bowl, one sharp knife, one of those heavy pans (or a grill), and a cutting board.

The things that you have to buy and supply your kitchen with are 500 g of ground sirloin, onion finely chopped, 4 pinches of ground coriander, and the same amount of paprika in powder, black pepper-ground, one tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, one egg that is mixed and, of course, a pinch of salt. As you can see from the ingredients, all of these things are healthy and provide us with proteins. Then you have to mix all the above ingredients and make four balls. Those balls make into burgers and put them on the hot grill. In the meantime, toast the inside of the buns over a grill. You have to bake the burgers for three minutes on each side if you want them to be medium.

That is the whole philosophy of making burgers, but you can improvise with side dish as well. Some prefer fresh onion and tomato ketchup or fried potatoes. You can add some other ingredient, if you want to change the general taste of a burger, but this is the most common way of making burgers. If you try out this recipe, you won’t regret, for you will become the most popular chef in your neighborhood in no time. So, surprise your beloved ones with healthy homemade burgers and prove them that they are healthy if they are made in a proper way.

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