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Looking for the place to eat? Always making a bad choice? According to some researchers in U.S, if the neighborhood has plenty of fast-food restaurants, there is a better way to have a stroke due to a food that you eat. It is apparent that fast food restaurants actually increase the risk of a heart attack and stroke, because of its food or whether fast-food restaurants are the crucial part of the unhealthy neighborhoods.

According to some records of American Stroke Association's International Conference, residents in areas with many fast-foods have had a 13% higher chance of having stroke than those who live in more decent and classier restaurant areas. Everyone eats unhealthy food sometimes, especially if it is burgers. Burgers are the most popular and the unhealthiest food ever. But eating burgers can trigger heart disease. To reduce risk of having a heart attack, it is important to stop smoking, to try control “bad” cholesterol, to decrease mass index, to control high blood pressure, to control blood sugar and to intake Aspirin if it is necessary. Some diets are having too much saturated fat and trans fat, lot of sodium, calories from sugar or other, which is bad. Choosing a whole food, whole grains, fruits fish, beans, nuts and vegetables is always better choice, while the processed the junk food or fast food is better to avoid. And people sometimes drink wrong drinks because there are some drinks loaded with calories. Drinks with calories are alcohol, soda, coke, many sport drinks, therefore choosing plain water is far better choice. 3 S’s

There are 3S’s that everyone should be avoiding in supermarkets. 3S’s are

sodium sugar saturated fat

Which means if the food you are buying is having a high level of sodium, sugar and saturated fat, it should be avoided a great deal. However, almost all packed food in U.S is full of triple S. The trans fat lies right next the saturated fat on the food label in every store in U.S. Some products are just labeled different, but actually having the very same trans fat in the content.

The physiological effect is the same and for that there is a strong possibility to raise a blood lipid levels and possible inflammation after having a high saturated fat can meal. It is always better to take smaller size of meals in the restaurant and salads before the actual meat or a soup. The safer and smarter meal is always better choice. Of course there are other things contributing to a good waist line, and healthy living. Things like good night sleep, less pollution, healthy sex, good marriage, less stress, more laughing etc... For instance, blood flow can improve with a good laughing as well. All this, with healthier food gives a great healthy combination.

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