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A diet is probably the best place to start a brand new, Ayurvedic lifestyle. The state of consciousness while eating and cooking is of utmost importance. The consciousness of the cook, the animal or the vegetable is always present in the food. The preparation of food must be considered as a sacred act.

Under-nutrition caused by not enough food and starvation is called quantitative dietary deficiency. Malnutrition, toxicity and lack of nutrients essential for a healthy life are a wrong combination of food and that is called qualitative dietary deficiency. Qualitative and quantitative over-nutrition is a case of eating too much on an emotional basis which leads to obesity and high levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, hypertension, paralysis and heart attacks.

Certain types of food alone or combined with the other types can lead to toxemia and certain disorders of the digestive tract. Sometimes certain types of food do not suit one’s constitution which may lead to resistance and various diseases.

A list of improper eating habits includes snacks between regular meals, eating without hunger, emotional eating, too much or too little water during meals, overeating, eating too early or too late during the day, consuming fruit in raw form or as a beverage during meals and incompatible food combinations.

One should always eat the food suited to his own constitution for the best nourishment and optimal health, according to Ayurvedics.

Milk and yogurt should not be combined with sour and citrus fruits. Fruits should not be mixed with food containing starch because of the different amount of time it takes for digestion. Melons and grains combined should also be avoided once again because of digestion time differences. Honey should never be cooked because it develops glue-like properties. Meat and milk proteins should not be mixed together.

Milk does not go well with melons neither.

Iced water ingested during or after a meal slows the process of digestion so if one needs a sip of water during the meal it better be warm because that aids digestion. A cup of lassi can finish a meal nicely. It consists of ginger, cumin powder and yogurt dissolved in a cup of water. Proper digestion and mental clarity can be established by filling the stomach capacity with one third food, one third liquid and leaving the last third empty.

Ayurveda is a holistic science of healing which relies on a correct diet which should always be based on the individual constitution of a person.

According to Ayurveda, the cause of every disease is the lack of proper functioning in the cells of the human body.

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