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Healthy eating plan is a balanced way of the daily food group intake that keeps your body well balanced, strong and well nourished. Depending on age, intake of various supplements on daily basis may vary, but with teenagers that intake is little higher than with adults, because teenagers lead a very proactive life, with various mentally and physically demanding activities, like sports, studding, dances, hanging out with friend, etc.

Healthy eating plan allows teenagers to take a good care of their body, to maintain a healthy weight, have energy all day long, to reach their maximum possible height, to get all the minerals and vitamins that body needs daily, to stay strong for all sports and similar activities, and to prevent unhealthy eating habits, like skipping meals and then feeling overly hungry for the next one.

Healthy eating also means to have three normal and regular meals per day, and some healthy snacks in between. It also means to balance nutrition rich types of food with smaller amounts of other food, like fast food, to eat when hungry and to stop eating when full, and to eat food from all the usual food groups like proteins, vegetables, grains, fruits, dairy and healthy or “good” fats.

Tips for healthy eating plan for teenagers

As a general rule, there is no “good” or “bad” food, it all depend on the amount the food is eaten; if amount of food is appropriate, than all the food can be “good”. Also one thing that all teenagers must know is that not all of so called diet food is good for them; some of that food has a way too many calories in them.

Also teenagers should not try to lose extra weight, if the have some, at all cost; if they try too rapidly to loose weight it could endanger their health. Instead trying to loose extra weight overnight, try with small steps firs, and adopt a healthy diet plan, and then wait for the results patiently.

Teenagers should also try not to eat too fast, instead of hurrying to some meeting, they should try to relax during meal and take it slowly. Also, sugar rich food like cookies, cakes and fizzy drinks are not completely off limits, but the amount of that food per day must remain small.

Also if you feel about yourself that you are overweight, and do not know where to start with changes in your daily diet, it is a good idea to consult some health care provider or nutritionist.

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