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When you are newly trying to conceive, everyone reminds you to take your folic acid and often a multivitamin tablet as well. But eating a healthy and balanced diet is the most important thing.

Can you get everything that you need from a healthy diet?

Most people eating average western diets are low on something; iron, calcium, vitamin D... It's always wise to go for a general health checkup before you get into the details of how to get pregnant. Along with STD testing, and a general medical examination that includes measuring your blood pressure, being checked for nutritional deficiencies is a really good idea. If you have no nutritional deficiencies, is it possible to get everything you need from a healthy diet? Well, almost everything. Medical professionals still recommend that everyone trying to conceive takes folic acid supplements. Folic acid stores build up over time, and will help prevent neural tube defects in your baby once you get pregnant. In men, folic acid increases fertility.


Recent research suggests that dieting is safe for pregnant women (within reasonable limits, obviously. Since it's clear that being overweight and obese reduces your chances of conceiving while increasing the chances of pregnancy complications if you do succeed, weight loss before attempting to get pregnant is recommended. Dieting before pregnancy, like dieting during pregnancy, should focus on healthy eating and getting all your vitamins and minerals. You should not exceed the daily recommended amount of calories, but the quality of what you eat is most important. To start with, cut trans fats and refined sugar.

While you are at it, convince your partner to join you on the healthy eating bandwagon. Men's fertility improves with a balanced diet, and he'll be a more energetic father too. Of course, this only applies if your partner isn't already really healthy.

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