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Women are much more likely to be the cause of infertility if a couple cannot conceive a child. However, in some 30% of all infertility problems the male partner is found out to have the problem. In order to increase chances of pregnancy there are some pieces of advice coming from doctors and fertility specialists. Healthy eating habits and less alcohol, cigarettes and no drugs should be male preferences for fertility and healthy pregnancy.

Be Aware What You Eat

Food rich in folic acid is important for both men and women who want a baby. Green leafy vegetables, different root, whole grains, asparagus, as well as avocados and salmon contain plenty of this acid and they should be frequently found on your menu. Folic acid is important for the quality and quantity of the sperm, so taking more of it will definitively have positive impact on fertility.

Vitamins A and C, as well as coenzyme Q and minerals selenium and zinc are also important and every man should be taking supplements containing these substances if he wants to resolve fertility issues. Zinc is important for cell division and fertilization of the egg, while selenium enhances formation of the sperm and male sexual hormone - testosterone. Foods rich in essential fatty acids are also discovered to be beneficial for the sperm, so use more oily fish in your daily diet.

Excessive dieting is also bad, for it affects reproductive hormones.

To be able to produce semen and sperm, male body needs water. Therefore hydrate properly and drink at least 2 liters of clear water every day.Some experts suggest trying fenugreek to improve male energy, impotence and desire.Things to Avoid

Coffee, alcohol and recreational drugs should not be used if you want to improve fertility. Smoking is also bad idea, for it interferes with normal function of the reproductive system in both sexes. Limit consummation of alcohol to one unit per day (a glass of wine or half of a pint of beer is considered as one unit of alcohol). Recreational drugs are found out to lower libido and decrease the sperm count and level of testosterone.

Painkiller drugs, like ibuprofen or paracetamol may also affect fertility in negative way and you should be aware of this.See Your Doctor

Sometimes, your medical condition might be in your way to have a child. Consult your doctor and get checked for hernia, undescended testicles, mumps or some STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), like Chlamydia. Any of these problems may be responsible for infertility but they can and should be treated.

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