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Are you trying to conceive in your thirties, and wondering what your chances are of getting pregnant naturally and relatively quickly? Are you curious about steps you can undertake to increase your odds of getting pregnant each month? Conceiving in your early thirties is a slightly different beast than trying for a baby when you are nearly 40, but there are always things you can do to help you have a positive pregnancy test soon!

If you are between 30 and 35 and hoping for a baby, we suggest that you don't worry simply because you are not 20 anymore. Lots and lots of women decide to get pregnant at exactly this period of their life, and their chances are only slightly lower than someone in her late twenties. You can boost your chances of getting pregnant soon by doing the following things:

Eating a healthy diet and saying goodbye to any bad habits like smoking and drinking. Take a folic acid supplement. This goes for both partners. Yep, even the bit about folic acid. Tracking your ovulation using an ovulation calendar, ovulation tests, or charting to conceive. You can even use a combination of these methods. Having sexual intercourse regularly throughout the month, and not "saving it up" for ovulation day. Remember, your fertile window can start around five days before you ovulate because sperm can survive for a while.

In your late thirties, the chances to get pregnant go down a little but we still suggest you follow the same path as your "sisters" who are only a few years younger. In addition, you can see your doctor before you start trying to conceive, and also take note when you have been trying to get pregnant for longer than one year, and seek a consultation with your doctor.

If you do have fertility problems, which you shouldn't assume by any means (you're in your thirties, not fifties and already having menopause symptoms!) you may want to jump at the chance to have fertility treatment a little earlier.

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